2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

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2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Do you love luxury? Do you love the planet? Do you love saving on fuel? If you answered yes, then the 2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid is for you.

How Good is the Toyota Avalon Hybrid’s Fuel Economy?

If you’re looking at a hybrid vehicle, chances are you’re mostly interested in fuel economy. You’ll be happy to know the Avalon Hybrid does laps around the competition in this category. Because of its hybrid technology, the 2018 Avalon Hybrid gets an outstanding 40 miles per gallon, far better than the 24 miles per gallon of a conventional Avalon. For a sedan, that’s better by far than anything else this size. On top of that, on a full tank, the Avalon can go almost 100 miles more than any rival. All that fuel economy is good for the planet and good for your wallet.

How Does the Toyota Avalon Run?

A full-size sedan is not meant for sporty maneuvering or blistering acceleration. That’s why it’s so surprising that the Toyota Avalon performs as well as it does. Delivering 200 horsepower, the Avalon’s V6 engine is no slouch. Its punchy acceleration will make highway driving a dream. Those who cross state lines a lot will find a lot to love about the Avalon. If you want better handling, try the Touring trim which offers a responsive suspension system. If you want sportier performance and feel, spring for the Sport trim.

Is the Avalon Hybrid Roomy?

The 2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid is not just roomy. The Avalon Hybrid is top of its class in rear head room and a serious contender in every other passenger measurement. It’s behind only the Impala in rear leg room and a serious contender in front passenger room as well. And if you’re looking for pockets, cupholders, and cubbies for all those things you want within arm’s reach on a long trip, have no fear. The Avalon has room in spades. Not only is it spacious, the Avalon Hybrid exudes the kind of opulence you would expect to find a luxury brand.

You’ll find the Avalon Hybrid’s trunk to be a little smaller than a conventional Avalon: 14 cubic feet compared to 16 cubic feet. Space had to be made for the hybrid engine and the trunk took the hit. You also can’t fold the rear seats down, further compromising storage space. However, you can console yourself for the smaller trunk space with the roomy cabin and excellent fuel economy.

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