2019 Toyota Avalon Is Coming

The 2019 Toyota Avalon is Coming!

Get ready because there’s something new from Toyota coming this May: The all-new 2019 Toyota Avalon, the fifth-generation of this full-size sedan. At a time when crossover SUVs are popular, Toyota is making the sedan not only relevant again, but an attractive choice.

The new Avalon crouches a little closer to the ground, with a wider black mesh grille, and sporty creases and angles. This already-wide car is now wider, longer, and lower than ever. It looks like this car has a new attitude and it means business.

Sportier engine

Listen to the engine and you can see which direction Toyota is taking the Avalon. With amped up induction and exhaust noise and a new engine similar to the Camry’s 301-horsepower offering, the new Avalon drives a few blocks closer to the race track. In the past this sedan might have been marketed as a steady yet plodding car, but now it has sportier chops and more street cred as a fun-to-drive option.

Hybrid option

The ecologically minded will enjoy the fact that the 2019 Avalon also boasts a hybrid option. This time around, the hybrid option doesn’t compromise cargo space because Toyota moved the battery from the trunk to under the back seat. And while the hybrid’s engine isn’t quite as powerful as a conventional one, it’s comparable to other hybrids. But if you were really hoping to own a sporty hybrid, take note: the Avalon Hybrid has a new Sport driving mode and paddle shifters so you can power through the gears yourself. Seems you can be ecologically minded and still have a fun car.

Tech to Please

“Alexa, get me the all-new Avalon.” Purchasing.

Not only does the 2019 Toyota Avalon have conventional tech features like 9-inch touch screen with Toyota’s Entune infotainment system, it also has brand new features. First off, it has Alexa and works with Amazon-integrated Alexa features like smartwatch. The Entune system gets an upgrade and now comes with Apple CarPlay for iPhone compatibility. For years Toyota didn’t offer this feature, but it and Apple appear to have settled their differences in time for Toyota to debut CarPlay in its new full-size sedan. There’s also a Wi-Fi hotspot, one USB port per seat, wireless phone charging, impressive audio system, and a large 10-inch heads-up display that projects driving data onto the windshield. Take all that, plus a host of safety features and we are looking at a cutting-edge car.